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About us

For as long as I can remember I am fascinated by flying. At the age of 12 years I built my first model airplane. Litte later I began designing my own model airplanes.

During my university eduaction as an aeronautical engineer I obtained my private pilots licence for flying gliders.

I cleaved to radio controlled flight though. What fascinates me about RC-flight is the possibility to realize my own ideas. I am specifically hooked by the large scale gliders.


TwinPilots Scale Pilots Pilotenpuppen

Bild: Markus Frey


Working with the medical industry since 2001 and because of getting into scan and prototyping technologies very deeply, I got the idea to equip the model cockpit, very often scale to the detail, with really individual scale pilots. Read about the beginnings here.


Since about 2010 3D-printing, as additiv technologies are commonly called today, took a dramatically accellerated development. Time was ripe, to realize my idea. I am very thankful to get priceless support from my wife Diane. She is a gold smith by education and contributes lots of great ideas and valuable skills.

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