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Your Twin in the Cockpit

You built a one-off-a kind scale model. A real Eye-Catcher! Elaborate, with all your skills and scale up to the detail...

Shouldn´t YOU fly it then?

We create a realistic Scale Pilot according to your desired Individual. To do this, we use state-of-the-art technology. The rest is extensive and dedicative craftmanship.




TwinPilots Scale Pilots Pilotenpuppen
TwinPilots Scale Pilots Pilotenpuppen


If you are interested in a TwinPilot, please contact us via Email or Contact Form.  TwinPilots are available in scales from 1:4 to 1:2. Learn about the dimensions of our Pilots in the Technical Data page.

Please also let us know the typeof aircraft, the pilot will go into as well as custom requirements.



We provide you with an individual quote. We also give you an estimated shipment date. If you are fine with our quote, you may download our instruction for taking the photos, which we will use to sculpt your pilot head below. Once we received your photos, we start creating your pilot.





Photos, not taken according to our instruction (e.g. historic photos) may be usable too, but typically increase the sculpting efforts. We provide you with individual quotes.




We start with creating digital 3D-Data of your head. This is an elaborate artistic computer work. Results may not be photo-realistic in every case. To learn about our sculpting process, watch the video below.

We will send you a preview of the sculpting process via email for approval. You may also communicate desired changes. In this case we will send another preview. For more change cycles additonal charges apply.

After completion you will get a photo of your pilot and your invoice via email. Right after payment we will ship your TwinPilot carefully packed to you and his future workplace.



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